The Downlow on the Downline…
getting paid for recruiting.

Recruit Tier Compensation

Tier compensation is earned on the eligible closed loan activity of your Downline. What is your Downline? Great question.

What is a Downline:

Your Downline is essentially your family tree that starts with you. As you recruit Agents into RELO, those Agents are added to your Downline. Additionally, as your Downline’s RELO Agent recruits are added to your Downline. They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words…so this short clip will save you tons of reading. The main takeaway is that you recruit RELO Agents as your Tier 1. Your Tier 1 then recruits RELO Agents, these become your Tier 2. Your Tier 2s then recruit RELO Agents, which become your Tier 3... and so on.

How RELO Recruiting Works

RELO Tier Compensation:

At a high level, you now understand how building a Downline works. In this section, you will learn why you want a Downline. Simply put, you earn monthly compensation on the activity of your entire Downline. Tier Compensation is a flat dollar amount per closed transaction. The Tier Compensation per transaction depends on where the RELO Agent falls in your Downline, i.e. Tier 1, Tier 2, etc.

Agents Transactions $$$ per transaction Total tier income
Total RELO Downline
Tracking Tier Activity

Tracking RELO Tier Activity:

How is all this stuff tracked? That is the easy part. We provide you a RELO Portal that tracks your entire personal and Downline activity. This is a very easy to use web portal you can use on your computer, phone or tablet. All of your Loan Commissions and Tier Compensation is tracked thru your RELO Portal.

  • Updated in Real Time
  • Mobile friendly
  • View your personal activity
  • View your Downline activity

Tier Compensation Summary

While Loan Compensation is based on your personal loan transactions, Tier Compensation is passive compensation based on the activity of your Recruits and their Downline. Tier Compensation is calculated based on calendar months and paid on the 20th of the following month. Example: January Tier compensation is payable on February 20th.